Bidi™ Vapor: What’s New on Bidi™ Stick Purchases?

Bidi™ Vapor imposed new guidelines when purchasing the Bidi™ Stick. The following limitations apply to all wholesale and direct retailer transactions:

Daily Order Limit

We have currently implemented a daily restriction of one (1) order transaction per wholesaler or direct retailer account. This is to prevent any illicit or unauthorized product distribution, ensure the compliant Point-Of-Sale (POS) system, and address social sourcing.

A pop-up message will appear upon checkout, which will notify you that you have reached your daily purchase limit. 

ACH Payment Option

We will accept ACH payments for a minimum purchase of $1,000, excluding coupon code discounts.  Our system will only display the credit card option if your total purchase amount is below $1,000. We will also include an advisory on the payment section if you have reached your daily purchase limit.

For any questions and concerns, you may reach out to, or call our toll-free hotline at 1-833-367-2434.