Direct Retailer Pledge

Our direct retailers are required to uphold our age verification procedures by signing a Direct Retailer Pledge, which requires each customer to present a valid government-issued identification card that indicates their age and other necessary information. Direct Retailers also have the right to put the transaction on hold when in doubt of the customer’s age eligibility.

If the direct retailers are caught breaching the terms in the Retailer Pledge, the company will be obliged to cancel the orders they place and their re-selling rights for the BIDI® Stick.

Bidi Vapor Direct Retailer Pledge Terms

Below you can see the terms for our Direct Retailer Pledge regarding purchasing and reselling of the BIDI® Stick.

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This document contains the terms and conditions for the Bidi Vapor Direct Retailer Pledge on the purchase and distribution of the BIDI® Sticks.

Eligibility and Inclusion     

The terms of this pledge are open to acknowledge and authorised direct retail partners of Bidi Vapor. All direct retail partners who dive into reselling and re-distributing Bidi Vapor’s BIDI® Stick are bound to the terms and conditions of this pledge.

Pledging in the Terms

Bidi Vapor commits to its responsible marketing with only adult smokers as our intended audience. All direct retailers working with Bidi Vapor must share the same responsibility in preventing underage access to this product. Bidi Vapor strictly steers away from underage access and use in support of the current laws on vaping.

As of 2015, the legal age to purchase any tobacco and nicotine product is 18 years old. Selling any nicotine or tobacco product to anyone under the age of 18 is a violation of the Nicotine Inhaling Products (Age of Sale and Proxy Purchasing) Regulations 2015.

Comprehensive Age Verification Process

BIDI® Vapor will not sell to any online or brick-and-mortar direct retailers, who have a history of selling to minors. The company ensures to conduct a comprehensive age verification process before any sale or transaction. We employ a state-of-the-art third party company that verifies the age and identity of consumers across multiple databases to guarantee that no underage buyers get access to our products. Bidi Vapor direct retailers must share the same responsibility to uphold the company’s policy in preventing sale to minors. To adhere to the strict age verification process of Bidi Vapor, direct retailers must:

  • Require the consumers to present a government-issued identification card before allowing any transaction. If the third-party company fails to verify the consumer’s age and identity, the purchase will be put on hold until a customer service representative confirms the identification. 
  • Secure online purchases with adequate age-verification technology. Direct retailers must incorporate a reputable age verification software to ensure that no minors can make purchases online. 
  • Require a signature upon delivery to ensure that the product will not fall in the hands of a minor.
  • Limit the quantity of flavoured and cartridge-based ENDS to 30 BIDI® Sticks only.
  • Only allow vending machine sales of BIDI® Sticks in an adult-only facility.

Other Terms for Direct Retailers

  • No giving out of free samples to customers.
  • Sale and promotion of the BIDI® Stick should not be bundled with the purchase of other e-liquids as well as food, beverage, drug, and different types of consumable products.
  • Samples given to retail shops should be in quantities sufficient for business purposes along with a written agreement that the sample will not be distributed, sold, or personally used. 
  • Routine audits to prevent access by minors, tampering, and access by unauthorised individuals inside the store.
  • No opening of products only to sell in smaller amounts.
  • No marketing of BIDI® Sticks other than for recreational adult vaping. 
  • No publication and distribution of any marketing materials, product review videos, articles (offline and online) without permission from Bidi Vapor. 
  • Once Bidi Vapor authorises the direct retailer for the publication of marketing materials, placing health risks signs should be disclosed in the endorsement. 
  • No therapeutic and smoking cessation claims about BIDI® Stick.
  • No claims about the lower risk of disease, less harmful effects, free from a substance, and reduced exposure to a substance when using BIDI® Stick.


Once you purchase BIDI® Stick on wholesale from Bidi Vapor, LLC, the direct retailer now holds the full responsibility in ensuring that the distribution of these products adheres to a strict age verification process and marketing approach in compliance with the law.


Bidi Vapor will not sell to any downstream, online, or brick-and-mortar retailers, who have a history of selling to minors.

If you fail to adhere to the terms of the Direct Retailer Pledge, Bidi Vapor, LLC reserves the right to discontinue any order you place for any given reason and cancel your distribution rights granted by Bidi Vapor, LLC. All actions shall incur any cost for the additional work required.

Direct retailers can refer to Bidi Vapor’s guidelines for a more detailed list of terms and conditions.