Our Responsibilities

As a vaping company striving for excellence, it is our responsibility to care for our stakeholder and the environment. We not only comply with all current laws and regulations, but we also go above and beyond to ensure Bidi Vapor is a company everyone can trust and rely on. With our vision, mission, and core values of compliance, quality, integrity, and communication, we aim to lead the vaping industry towards a future of responsible innovation.


Underage vaping is a global concern, and Bidi Vapor holds a firm position against it. We protect our consumers and the brand by ensuring that our product, the BIDI® Stick, does not fall into the hands of minors. We laid out essential steps as part of our BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program. Firstly, we have installed an age-gate for all our websites to ensure only adults above 18 can access it. We highly discourage underage selling on the website as well. To ensure our wholesalers and direct retailers uphold the same high integrity, we have created a Direct Retailer & Wholesaler Agreement detailing their responsibility for age-verification measures.

The BIDI®Cares Initiative

With our BIDI®Stick, we create a vaping device with top-quality components not only to ensure your experience, but also to make it recyclable. To further our efforts to help save our planet, we launched the BIDI®Cares initiative to promote sustainability among adult vapers. As an encouragement for consumers to get involved, we created an innovative recycling program where you can get a free BIDI®Stick at your next purchase, simply by returning 10 used ones.

Marketing and Social Media Efforts

With the ever-changing regulations on vapour products, Bidi Vapor ensures to follow a strict set of guidelines for all social media platforms and channels. These guidelines include the following:

    • We do not post any images that can attract young individuals. Bidi Vapor’s campaigns are geared toward adult vape pen users only.
    • The packaging of the BIDI® Stick does not involve any caricatures, cartoon characters, and youth-oriented designs—only in plain colours.
    • All packaging is tamper-resistant and contains the health warning statement
    Warning: This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.
    • We do not offer free samples and products through vending machines to mitigate the rise of underage vaping.
    • We make sure that Bidi Vapor’s wholesalers and direct retailers follow a strict age verification process.
    • We do not make any claims about vaping as an alternative to smoking, or that we are the healthier and less harmful option to smoking.